Kanchipuram Pattu Pavada Blouse

The Pattu pavadai is the traditional dress in South India for young girls and children. Pattu means "silk" in southern parts of India. Girls often wear pattu pavadai to traditional functions.

Traditional South Indian Long Skirt and blouse made from the famous Kanchipuram silk fabric. Each piece has enough fabric to stitch blouse and skirt. You can either buy the fabric piece or get it stitched. (In the product page, see the "We stitch it?" option.) The fabric is silk with synthetic mix. The quality, feel and look of the fabric is very satisfying for the given price. (Click here for pure silk)

Stitched garment details : The pavada (long skirt) will have 2 to 3 positions for the hook so that you can adjust the waist. Skirts for children below 5 years of age will be stitched as body skirt (petticoat attached to skirt) for comfortable wear. You can also request body pavada for bigger children if necessary. Inner folds will be provided in blouse and skirt for future adjustments as the child grows.

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